Monday, 11 November 2013

Wicked Game - A review

As we've talked quite a lot about the process of writing, I thought it might be useful to look at a particular book. This novel falls mainly in the thriller category, so you might like to read it in the light of Adrian Magson's comments about the differences between crime and thriller. Also it's a cracking read!
Later on I'll review a police procedural.

Wicked Game,

By Adam Chase

This is a fast-paced, page turning tale of espionage and conspiracy. The main character, known colloquially as ‘Hex’, initially comes as a surpise, in that he is himself what could loosely be called a villain. Operating as a paid assassin, Hex has few qualms about his victims. However, like all well-drawn main characters, his conscience begins to assert itself as the plot develops.

The opening of the novel is dramatic and intriguing, but quite early on Hex commits a fatal error: he lets someone live. Someone who shouldn’t have been there. And who is going to cause problems.

Turning to his old mentor for advice he finds himself drawn into a nightmarish conspiracy to develop weapons for biological warfare. In the time-honoured tradition of the genre, Chase conjures up a world of espionage and counter espionage, where no-one  does what’s expected of them, where trusted friends betray and allies come from unanticipated sources.

If there is a criticism it’s that, for a self-avowed professional hitman, Hex commits quite a few errors of judgement, including one early on that had me almost shouting at him! But then, he is under stress.

All In all, if you like spies and confusion, if you enjoy the sand constantly shifting beneath your feet, you’ll enjoy this.  Mr. Chase creates a horrifying spectacle of future warfare that one hopes is still largely in his imagination. But….you read it here first!

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