Monday, 9 June 2014

Write-a-thon Competition

I'm thrilled to say I won the 2014 Nibfest's Write-a-thon competition. This was sponsored by agents Watson, Little, and as a result they now want to represent me. Cool or what?

The competition started on the 4th May, when they issued a sentence that we were meant to start the story or novel with. It was 'It was a bright day in May and the clocks were striking twelve'. We then had a week to write 5,000 words. Thankfully I already had an idea that fitted, and had even written a bit of it. Which was a good job, because we only had a week to write it, and Clare and I were in Lisbon for five days of that week!

Still I got it done and sent it off and Wow! Success!

After that I was treated to lunch by two lovely agents from Watson, Little - that's James and Laetitia - and they want to represent me. Of course, I now have to finish the book. A minor detail.

And I didn't even have to write a begging letter or the dreaded synopsis.

You can read an extract here, and there's a link to the whole entry if you want to read a bit more.