Monday, 3 February 2020

Five stages of grief by Clare Hawkins

Five stages of grief

That morning, (I could not have watched all night),
came the denial stage: this wasn’t true.
It was a monstrous error misconstrued,
until the facts were faced. Then anger flamed
at those too stupid, ignorant to see
how they’d been duped by lies and promises
a better future. But, what if we tried
to bargain with them, show them what they’d lose,
get them to change their minds. Impossible.
What’s done is done; what’s black is black.
Depressed and powerless I nurse the loss
and try to move on to the final stage
Acceptance that part of my identity
has been torn out, the country’s turned its back
on reason and humanity. This state
is surely the most painful of them all.