Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Microfiction on the theme of 'Rose.'

As a writing group exercise, Helen came up with the theme of  'Rose' as the basis from which to write a microfiction.  Microfiction is a subsection of Flash fiction and can be as small as fifty words.  It's pretty challenging to tell a story with so tight a word count.
Here are some of the results, one of which is a series of Haiku (but still under 50 words).

by Clare Hawkins

‘Gentle Hermione looks delightful next to the Viburnum,’ she said.
Speaking as Hermione herself, I’d have preferred to have been further away. You can never be too sure with Viburnum. Then when I saw the grubs on his leaves I really panicked.
‘Shift me.’ I wafted my strongest scent at her, but she didn’t heed, didn’t see his leaves going brown, or smell the stink, until the next day.
‘What can we do?’ she squealed when she came dead-heading.
I tried to prick some sense into her.
‘Spray him! Diazinon, Paradichlorobenzene, Paraquat, anything, just do it! I’m your prize rose!’

by Helen Chambers

Rosemary: leggy, blue-grey, Mediterranean type with dry sense of humour, seeks another with an interest in climbing, growth and possibly to establish an anchored root network. Applicant must complement foliage, evergreen nature and promise to keep warm during leaner times. Only aphid-free specimens need apply. Photos required.

by Sue Whytock
All thorns, these bloody roses. Ended up wrapping the stems in kitchen towel - Snowman and Snow Dog on it. Well I can’t get to the shops, can I? It’s either that or bloody bog roll.

We’re not close neighbours. I’ve always found her a bit stuck up; but before all this, we’d wave and pass the time. Her Colin was the outgoing one. Always whistling.

Should be lillies really...can’t be helped.

I put them on her doorstep anyway, just rang the bell and crossed back to mine. I would have told her to mind the thorns. Can’t be helped. 

Haiku in four verses
by Philippa Hawley

Thirty-eight years you and me
Red roses and fizz? 

Rose fields and pink champagne or 
Fish and chips with beer? 

No presents just a card and 
Let’s leave it at that.

Lucky people you and me
We have all we need